QotD: Today's Musical Horoscope


What's your musical horoscope?  (Put your player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.) 

Using Amarok to pick a random ten songs from my collection on the hard drive delivers me:

1] It's Good To Be In Love - Frou Frou
2] God Damn The Sun - Swans
3] Ixtapa - Rodrigo y Gabriela
4] Short People - Randy Newman
5] Baby, Won't You Please Come Home - Gloria Shannon (from Mojo Mamas, a CD featuring female blues singers I bought at a blues club in Chicago)
6] My Eyes - Laurie Anderson
7] She - The Pretenders & Emmylou Harris (from Return of the Grievous Angel, a collection of Gram Parsons covers)
8] Waltzing's For Dreamers - Richard Thompson
9] Pabst Blue Ribbon - The Untamed Youth (from the Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era collection)
10] Life By The Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughan (from The Sky Is Crying greatest hits collection)

Not too bad a list, and pretty representative. Some blues, some old new wave, some pop and some new stuff.


Your list is quite nice, as well.  :)

I particularly like your first song - I think the whole "Details" album is good, beginning to end. 

Yes, Details is one of the few (weird - I started to spell that "phew"!) albums I've ripped from beginning to end. I usually pick and choose, but that one is, as you say, a keeper.

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