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I just set up some ski lessons at Nashoba Valley tomorrow morning for the girls. R (8) is gung ho, but A (7) is fighting it. I'll have to try and bribe her. It's been a great winter for snow so far (heck, winter isn't even officially here yet and I can barely see out my driveway), so I have been dying to get them on the slopes. My wife doesn't ski, but maybe we can work on her next.

I'm looking forward to trying out my stuff for the first time. I skied a bunch growing up, living just down the road from the now defunct Mt. Watatic Ski area in Ashby, MA. Night skiing in mousetrap bindings, how exciting!

I continued to ski into my early 20s, but it got to be too much hassle. Getting all the gear ready to go skiing is a pain, although I have always loved it when I was on the slopes. So I let it slide for about 20 years.

But most of the folks I work with are skiers and we had a company meeting in Vail Colorado (yup, pretty nice!). Because it had been so long since I'd been on skis, I figured I might as well take advantage of the free snowboarding lessons offered by the niece of one of the directors.

By the end of the third day, I could do it pretty well. It was a long hard process though, and I found it especially difficult if you got stuck on flat terrain. And the lifts were a little more complicated in snowboards than in skis. But I had fun nonetheless.

But when it came time for the annual development ski party in upstate New York, I decided to try skis again. And I was amazed at just how quickly I picked it up. Before too long, I was blasting down the trails like I had never gotten off skis. I guess that was just a reflection of how much I had skied growing up.

Last spring, during the development ski trip, I rented a pair of skis that the owner ended up selling to me for cheap. I liked the skis but still didn't have boots. So last month I went to the annual ski sale at the convention center and picked up a pair of boots and some poles.

So now I'm ready to try the slopes again, this time in my own equipment. And hopefully, I can get the girls interested in skiing, as if you are going to live in this area with all the white stuff, you might as well take advantage of it.



Have fun!  I just got the little guy on a snowboard for the first time last weekend and it was awesome.

Yeah, I saw your posting and it really spurred me on to get the girls started. That and a foot & a half of snow in the front yard:-)

Huh!  I grew up about 5 miles from Nashoba Valley.

Small world, eh? And getting smaller! Full recap later today, but the time we had could be summarized in one word - Awesome!

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