Fantasy Football playoffs begin

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Ross mentioned that he qualified for the playoffs in his fantasy league, which reminded me to check mine. I lost my last game, as Dante Stallworth couldn't pull out enough points last night to recover from Favre's brutal outing on Thursday:

But it still wasn't enough to pull The Thirsty Scholars down out of first place, as I won on the tiebreaker, total points. I came on fast, as I think this may be the first week I was in the top spot!

And yup, like Ross, my league too is entering the playoffs. But I get a first round bye, due to my last second snatch of first place. So I get a leg up defending my crown from last year. I don't really spend much time on this, and I have been winning despite less than stellar play from my QB position. Favre really hasn't had too many great fantasy point outings, and my other QB is Vince Young, who has been truly brutal. Anyway, here's the playoff tree for my league:

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Nice!  Too bad about Brett, but at least you get a bye this first week.  Good luck!

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