As befits its status as my most played song of 2007 (at least at my computer anyway), I figured I'd gather together all the versions of Hallelujah on YouTube. Let's start off with an excellent version by Leonard Cohen (which shouldn't be too much of a surprise, as he wrote the damn thing:-)

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah
And here's a version from the singer of my favorite cover, although it isn't the one that I'm most fond of. The version from the Scrubs soundtrack is just John Cale on the piano, while this one has him accompanied by some strings.
John Cale - Hallelujah
And here's the version with him just on the piano. There's a certain clarity and strength to this version that really shines through, with his deep emotional voice and vibrant piano playing.
Tribute to John Cale - Hallelujah

Here's a fine version from some "famous" Norwegian folk singers. It's funny how many versions are labeled "Shrek song" (which John Cale sings on the soundtrack).
HALLELUJAH , (shrek song)
This is a spectacular live version by Alison Crowe at the piano.
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Allison Crowe live performance
And Miss Snarktastic recommended this wonderful guitar version by Jeff Buckley:
Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah
And here's a nice cover by Rufus Wainwritght:
"Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright (Irish performance)
And kd lang emotes a good cover too:
k.d. lang sings 'Hallelujah'


nice collection of a great song

[das ist gut] I'm liking John Cale's cover. I didn't know he had covered it. I'm going to have to going hunting.

[das ist gut] I'm liking John Cale's cover. I didn't know he had covered it. I'm going to have to go hunting.

Yeah, the version on the Scrubs CD is the one I like best. I'm not sure if it appears on any other of his CDs, although I'm sure it must.

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