My First Time


Listening to my favorite local college radio station (WZBC) and a song came on that I was really getting into. Scanning their playlist, I see it was a group called The Cave Singers singing Seeds of Night (although I have no idea where the title comes from). Never heard of either before.

So I popped on over to the Amazon MP3 store - DRM free and ready to go. Of course, us Linux users get short shift, because in order to buy and download an entire album, you have to have either Windows or Mac and use their downloader (why oh why?). But I was on my work machine, which is still WinXP, so I gave it a whirl. One small download and installation later, I could click a few times and, for a mere $0.99 download the song. Perfect. Sounds great too, so I'd like to share it with you:

Seeds Of Night
The Cave Singers


[this is good] I likes it.  Reminds me of The Format a little.  Not enough that I'd say they sound "the same" but enough that if you like this you might like them.

Groovy.  Nice find.

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