Which free song?


Which free song should I download from my Download a Free Song offer from Seagate?

Coldplay     |    Brothers & Sisters

KC & The Sunshine Band     |    Boogie Shoes
Santana     |    Evil Ways (Live At The Fillmore 1968)
Miles Davis     |    Wrinkle
The Brand New Heavies     |    Never Stop
Pulp     |    Love Is Blind
T-Bone Walker     |    Mean Old World Blues
Pink Floyd     |    A Brick In The Wall Part II (Dub Remix)
Bob Marley     |    Sun Is Shining
Soundgarden     |    All Your Lies
Ambrosia     |    How Much I Feel
Paul Oakenfold     |    Jazzy Vibe


My vote is for Miles Davis or Soundgarden, with Paul Oakenfold and Pink Floyd as close seconds.

I'd definitely go for Floyd, maybe Marley depending on my mood.

KC and the Sunshine band.  For sure!

pink floyd

Miles Davis, for what it's worth! :)

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