An early look at Super Bowl commercials



Yeah, I can't help but to enjoy the SB commercials, and I'm a man who hates commercials...  When NE doesn't make the SB I often enjoy them more than the game itself.

Obviously that's not the case this year, though.  I am flush with anticipation!  I hope the score is 55-0 Pats!  I just wish I was back up in Peabody, MA where I could watch the game with some real fans.

Sooo it has begun! Muhahahaha! Go Giants!

Prepare to be physically ill as you watch your teams annihilation.  Not that New Jersey Giants fans aren't used to the smell of bile.  New Jersey is, after all, in the armpit of New York.

But I kid the Giants fans.  Good luck to you.  If you get enough of it you might even beat the 2 touchdown spread.

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