Dawkins' Best


Richard Dawkins' Five Favorite fiction books:

  • The Black Cloud: Fred Hoyle
  • Dark Universe: Daniel Galouye
  • Red Strangers: Elspeth Huxley
  • The Lion Children: Angus, Travers and Maisie McNeice
  • Sword of Honour: Evelyn Waugh
Great, more books to add to my To Read list. Heck, I haven't heard of any of them! At least I'm familiar with Huxley and Waugh as writers, and have even read a Waugh. I thought Brideshead Revisited was an excellent book, especially the audio book read by Jeremy Irons. And Amazon only has two of them:

Red Strangers
Elspeth Huxley


Wow.... really interesting list.  Hoyle, I think, is a classic sf writer.  Never heard of that particular Waugh.Have you seen the Masterpiece Theater "Brideshead" (with Jeremy Irons as Charles Ryder)?  Magnificent.

I don't think I've seen the miniseries. Perhaps parts, but never actually sat down to watch it. And yeah, I too had never heard of "Sword". And I was able to order the one single copy of "The Black Cloud" found in the entire inter-library loan system!

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