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Damn you, Amazon MP3, damn you! Way too easy. Way way way too easy. You make it far too easy to feed my addiction to buy music. My credit card is melting, my wife is mad, and my hard drive is filling up. 1-Click buying and the Amazon MP3 downloader give instant gratification. In the last week, I've picked up four "CDs":

"The Spectacular Johnny Horton" - When I was a mere tike, staying a my grandparents house, I used to listen to this classic country music album all the time. Horton was killed all too young in an automobile crash a few years before I even began listening to this, and I had always promised myself my own copy. Click, click, done. Wow, talk about flashback city! Just hearing those songs brings me back to the days of hanging out at Grammie's house and getting spoiled. AllMusic might not have liked the album, but it sure struck home for me!

American Recordings by Johnny Cash - A friend and I got to talking about The Man In Black and I remembered how this CD "revived" his career. So I finally grabbed a copy of it. Click click done. It is basically just Cash on his guitar singing a bunch of songs, both old and enw, simply recorded and honestly felt. I can't say as too many of them struck me, but I sure loved the Loudon Wainwright song!

Spring Rain
The Go Betweens

Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express by The Go-Betweens - reading Sixbucksamonkey's last.fm weekly top artists reminded me that I wanted to get some of the older Go-Betweens CDs, so I grabbed this one. It doesn't have the power pop hooks that 16 Lovers Lane has, so it didn't floor me like that one did, but it's still a really good album. Perhaps I'll try Before Hollywood next.

The Clean

Anthology by The Clean - I'm just a huge Aussie/New Zealand power pop groupie, with artists like The Go-Betweens, The Chills, Goanna, Split Enz, etc among my all time favorite groups. Exploring these groups led me to The Clean, a pioneer in the New Zealand pop scene and this CD has been on my To Buy list for far too long. So Click Click done! Really nice slices of power pop heaven so far. Some really short, and some are long essays on power pop.

So it's way too easy for me to indulge myself with these high quality, carefully tagged, DRM-free MP3 downloads. And 1-Click buying give instant gratification. I burned the El Perro Del Mar CD I downloaded a couple of weeks ago and it runs great. By adding the text info, I even get a nice little display when I play it on my Sony SACD player, showing the song and artist.

So Damn You one last time!

PS: Oh, and I forgot about all the singles I bought too, including two versions of Hallelujah (one by Alison Crowe and one by Leonard Cohen), two versions of Tainted Love by Soft Cell (the Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go long version and the 12" Dub version), and Ankle Injuires by Fujiya and Miyagi! Ouch. Ouch.


[this is good] The SPECTACULAR Johnny Horton!  So did you get the special version of "Battle of New Orleans" recorded for the UK???  Do tell!Greatest Hits (1961) is my personal JH fave.  "Sink the Bismark" AND "North to Alaska."  Wheeeee!

Oh yeah, I got it. I was wondering why I didn't recognize the last few songs. Didn't realize this had the added songs. And I didn't pay close enough attention to notice what the diff was in the British version. That's too wacky to have the Americans getting chased by the Brits!I think I might get the Complete JH next. I had to get this one because it had all the songs I remembered, esp. Whispering Pines and Lost Highway.

We should both do Johnny Horton posts.  People will think he's the new hotness!!!

Well, it's pretty much just you 'n' me as far as the Johnny Horton bandwagon so far on Vox. It'll be a movement!

[this is good] Good choices.  And I'm assuming you know this, but they've made a linux version of the mp3 downloader software available now...so now you can buy individual tracks or albums anytime.  They're out to make you go bankrupt, I'm sure...

Gee, thanks Ross. No I didn't know they had a Linux version of the album downloader. Oh dear...

I only heard about it this morning, but I think the news broke on various tech sites on Friday.  I haven't tried it yet, but then again, I haven't yet installed the Windows version on my windows PC. Just need some extra spending cash here to give me the incentive to do so...

Well, I took one for the team and tried it out - works perfectly on my openSUSE 10.3 system. For better or for worse - ouch.

[this is good] Your opening line made me smile :)  I hate addictive technology.... its so addictive! 

Better buy them now ... while they are DRM free. That cannot last long across the board. I highly doubt the record industry is ready to embrace a DRM free world, indefinitely.


[this would be good] if only Amazon.Com would allow me, a UK
resident, to purchase music.  I can get it from other American
sites, but not Amazon.

Oh.  No.  Wait  [this would be baaad]!

I'd like to think that DRM-free is the new wave, not the old guard. Isn't even iTunes relaxing a bit?

I'd be afraid, as Amazon seems to be pretty responsive. The new Linux downloader works like a charm, darn it all! Next, the world!

[this is good] please Amazon hurry up and come to Canada! iTunes Plus is ok, but I want all my stuff with no DRM!

It certainly does seem to be the way of things to come - though I don't really know/keep up to date much with iTunes developments...

i love amazon's mp3 store. it's better than itunes :)v

Good post.  Positively relish AmazonMP3.  Dearly wish we had it when I was in high school and college.  Would have saved tonnes of cash not buying $19 CDs with the one song we liked.  Lead the way, Amazon!  Follow along, iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody! :)

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