Move Re-Review : Pan's Labyrinth


Watched Pan's Labyrinth again last night, using my hot-off-the-presses HD DVD. And once again, I was totally blown away. Even more so this second time around, especially the beginning, as I now know what to expect. Emotionally wrenching, visually astounding and brutally honest, it is definitely a great film. My friend didn't seem quite so taken with it; I think the violence, while perfectly integrated, was too brutal and bloody for him.

The HD DVD is done really well. Not the best I've seen, but still pretty incredible and makes for a great home theater experience. And the sound is tremendous as well. When the fairy insect flies around, flitting from speaker to speaker, you swear it is going to land on your shoulder at any moment. There are a ton of good looking extras that I hope to get to soon, including something that sounds very much like the picture-in-picture commentary found on the Bourne Supremacy disc.


I watched this movie in a whiskey induced drunken daze at about 2:00AM.  I don't remember much about it.  However, I think I enjoyed it and visually it looked incredible, so I'll have to check this one out again.  Only this time, I'll have to make sure I'm sober enough to read the subtitles...

Certainly worth sobering up for :)

[this is good] The movie is truly beautiful. The story was even more beautiful. I never had a move that made me have so many emotions at once.

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