Super Bowl Anticipation


Only a little more than two days before Super Bowl kick off. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to concentrate until then. I have been a season ticket holder since 1993, when Bledsoe and Parcells showed up. Lived through some bad times up until the 2001 season, as my wife recalled, as she sent the girls off dressed in their Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi uniforms this morning for Patriots Spirit Day, when she said "I don't remember any Patriot Spirit Days when I was in grade school!". Here's my thoughts on the upcoming game:

  • It's going to be a blow out. Cold, Hard, Football Facts calls it the Mismatch of the Century. The weather is going to be good and the Patriots and Tom Brady don't miss when the wind isn't messing with the football.
  • Although, as a Patriot fan, I should know better than anyone that a 14 point underdog can win the Super Bowl, as the 2001 Pats team upset "The Greatest Show On Turf", the St. Louis Rams, in Super Bowl XXXVI. But I know Bill Belichick, and Tom Coughlin is no Bill Belichick! And Belichick is no Mike Martz.
  • The rout should be on if the Pats get the kickoff, as they scored on nearly every possession in the Giants "moral victory" in Week 17. And I don't see the Giants playing from behind very well.
  • The only way I could see the Giants winning is if they score on special teams (like they did during Week 17 on a short kickoff).
  • My favorite quote so far this media circus was Wes Welker's answer to the question "What's the difference between New England and Miami?" - "Weather, Women and Wins".
  • My second favorite quote was Tom Brady's response when told the Giant's Plaxico Burress predicted a Giants win, 24-17:
    • "We're only going to score 17 points?" Brady said with a smile. "Does Plaxico play defense? I wish he said 45-42, or something like that."
  • One reason why I don't think the Patriots will be overconfident is that they are very serious about the undefeated season. It brings an added focus to the game, one they might have missed had they been, say, 14-2. At this point in the season, I don't see them letting such a remarkable feat slip through their hands due to a lack of concentration.

I'm pumped and excited and I have my Super Bowl XLII sweatshirt already. I need to buy some more for the rest of the family. I think we'll let the girls stay up for the entire game this year. We made them go to bed at halftime during Super Bowl XXXIX against the Eagles.

It sure is a grand time to be a New England sports fanatic!


The Giants played the best game of the season when they played against the Pats.  They played an amazing game, as if they were playing for the super bowl title...The Pats played a mediocre game...and yet the Giants STILL lost.  Plus, given an extra week to look over film, Belichick is much better at studying and finding weaknesses.  This one shouldn't be much of a problem. 

And don't forget - the Pats were missing the entire right side of their offensive line - Neal, Kazcur and Kyle Brady. And they still only sacked Tom once, and that towards the end of the game.

I "hear" a lot about the Superbowl and such but have never seen it nor have seen these "ads" that everyone talks about. *sigh* I am so curious to see. Guess that's what Youtube is for right?

Yes, I guess. My boss is going to the Caribbean on Sunday and will get to his hotel just in time for the game to start. He says he'll see the game but not the commercials, as they cut to their own down there. 

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