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Super Bowl XLII was truly painful. My girls, especially the oldest, were crushed - welcome to being a sports fan. The late and ugly finished combine to make poor R truly distraught, but it also was perhaps the one thing that kept me from becoming catatonic - ya gotta stand tall for your kids. A few thoughts while the wound is still raw:

  • That wasn't the Patriots of 2007, especially the offense. Our mantra the entire game was "take what is given you", yet the Patriots seemed ill-prepared and inflexible. Sure, give the Giants credit, but the Pats just didn't seem right.
  • Given three straight years of failure at the highest levels, you have to wonder now about both Brady and Belichick. Sorry, it had to be said.
  • They had their chances on defense at the end to put the Giants away, but I still blame the strangely ineffectual offense.
  • R wants a Wes Welker jersey now

Oh well, on to the Beanpot...


[this is good] I don't really know you, but I thought about you a couple times while watching the game.  I hope the crushed feeling goes away with time, but I doubt it will.  I'm still reeling over my beloved Bengals' last minute loss to San Fran in Super Bowl XXIII.  That was almost 20 years ago.  At least you can take comfort in previous years' victories.

Thanks, I appreciate the thoughts. To ease the pain a little, my 2007 World Series DVD and the "So Good!" book on the 2007 Red Sox season came in yesterday. So it isn't all bad...

Brady looked like he had been drinking some Tussin or something.  In fact, as the team was coming out of their tunnel and onto the field before the start of the game, the whole team looked asleep, as opposed to 2001 when Brady came out onto the field jumping up and down and headbutting Bledsoe.  Just like Balboa in Rocky III, it just looked like the Pats had lost that eye of the tiger.  The way they played in that game, they didn't deserve to win.

That's what Simmons said in his review of the game. We had a few folks over so I wasn't watching that closely leading up to the game. 

Seriously, and I'm not saying this to be a troll, but my husband is from New England (Mass), and, apart from him and his best friend, everyone else I've ever met in person from up there has been nasty, including all my inlaws.  And the team acted just as nasty and arrogant as my inlaws do.  So, I was glad to see them lose, and since I once worked in NY, it was nice to see NY win.  And I think the Pats are getting what they deserve in the attitude others have towards them, due to how they acted.

Maybe there are some nice people up in NE, but they sure don't play for the Pats.  Sorry you're so down about it.

Well, I'd like to think that I'm not nasty :-) But yeah, you definitely weren't in the minority if you were rooting against the Patriots. It was pretty much us against the world, really. Sigh. The writer on Patriots Daily pretty much nailed it today - it was the best of times (on the field) and the worst of times (every other damn thing).The Most Miserable 18-1 Season in History

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