All Religions are Fairy Tales

A commando raid on a billboard put up the notice that "All Religions are Fairy Tales" and business at a nearby restaurant went down by 2/3rds. Scared customers away, I guess!
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Business Owners, Customers Upset Over Controversial Billboard

It looked harmless enough, but the words on a billboard un-nerved so many people that a popular restaurant nearby actually lost business.

The billboard was on Colonial Drive near the Old Cheney Highway. Although the popular Straub's Seafood restaurant often advertises on it, this wasn't their billboard. The sign was taken down after Channel 9 started asking questions.

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Interesting. I didn't think this type of thing would happen in Florida.

So it wasn't put up by a paying advertiser? Impressive effort.Maybe they were tired of all the "God says this" and "Jesus says that" billboards that are up and around. I've seen them, here and in Florida.

Ha!  This billboard is about 5 miles away from where I work!  While I agree that "all religions are fairy tales", I honestly don't see the point that was trying to be made here.  I don't care what somebody believes in, and the fact that atheists do things like this is one of the reasons people are so afraid of atheists.  It's similar to how people don't like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons because they love to advertise their religion.  Atheists need to stop treating atheism like it's a cult.  The point of atheism is supposed to be a lack of religion, but things like this prove otherwise.  Treating it like a religion makes atheists out to be uppity "too good for you" assholes.

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