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Yet another free book! This time, it is an entry to John Scalzi's regular "Big Idea" post, whereby other authors talk about how they thought their idea for a book up. And it includes a link to the PDF for Scott Sigler's Infected. Man, I am rapidly falling behind here!
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The Big Idea: Scott Sigler

While I’m off in Lots-of-Meetings Land, here’s a fun Big Idea for you, from author Scott Sigler. Sigler made quite a big splash being one of the the first and most successful authors to podcast his writing, garnering up to 30,000 listeners per book — which naturally enough, I think, convinced publishers to say, “hmmm, maybe he could sell a few books, too.” The latest of these, Infected, is officially released next week — but until March 31st, you can get a pdf of the book to sample it for your very own, for free (how? Buy clicking this link, that’s how). Check it out, and remember, if you like it, show your love at the bookstores.

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[this is good] Thanks for re-posting! There is no "falling behind," you simply discard everything else and focus on INFECTED. It's what your great grandfather would have wanted you to do.

Welcome to Vox, Scott! And you're probably right - just keep movin' forward:-)

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