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My first purchase driven by the free downloads from Stereogum happened yesterday. In general, I have been pretty pleased with the songs. I am only about half way through the February collection and have found the selection and diversity of the sounds to be solid and very listenable.

But yesterday the first song that made me stop what I was doing and find out what just played came on. It was called "To The Country" by Laura Veirs. Using the "Artist" tab of Amarok, I read a bit about her (she's worked with The Decemberists in the past) and off to her My Space page to listen to a couple more songs from her latest effort, Saltbreakers. I like them well enough, but "To The Country" was special. It sounds just so cool, especially when the bass line kicks in.

So off to Amazon MP3 and bang, US$0.99 later I had an official copy, complete withe cover image. Vox uploading just doesn't like anything to do with my Linux box. I can't upload and I can't even insert the image while on Linux. I have to switch to my Windows box to get it to work, which annoys me to no end. Anyway, have a listen and see if you don't agree with me:

To the Country
Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers

1 Comment

Veirs sounds highly 60's folk inspired, yet without sounding at all dated on this song.  I appreciate you sharing.  I'll have to check up on this stereogum site.

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