Money Burns Holes In My Eyes


Busy and expensive weekend for me. After having a couple of martinis on the back deck with my wife (hey, it was way up into the 30s!), I went in and watched The Assassination of Richard Nixon, found on the Free Movies section of Comcast HD on Demand. Starring Sean Penn as the loser Samuel Bicke (actually Byck), is is based on the real story of Byck's planned assassination of Richard Nixon. A movie of unrelenting pessimism and gloom, Sean Penn's portrayal of the crazed Bicke was simply remarkably, and really, I think, the only reason to watch the movie. Truly a depressing yet fascinating movie, in the old "watching a car crash" fashion.

Then my wife and I watched Knocked Up on HD and, frankly, I don't see what the fuss was all about. Nor did my wife, who had an even harder time understanding Alison's motivations at getting involved with this loser and then keeping him around. Knocked Up reminded me of director Judd Apatow's earlier film, The 40 Year Old Virgin in its uneveness. I found some spots to be hilarious but the movie seemed to drag and at nearly 2 1/4 hours, was about 30 minutes too long.

But Katherine Heigl is truly a stunning beauty, which made her connection with Seth Rogan's Ben Stone even harder to understand. I think my favorite character was Kristen Wiig's TV exec Jill. Her reactions, both to Alison's first promotion and then to her newly discovered pregnancy, were classic.

But Sunday I spent way too much money on a Playstation 3 and various accessories. It is, however, a very slick looking console, if a little big. And I was surprised to see that it plays Playstation one games (the new 40gb machine purposefully does not play PS2 games). even if they do look ugly. It doesn't come with an HDMI cable, so I had to buy one of those. And I forgot to buy an optical audio cable, so I need to get another one, although I borrowed the one from my Xbox for now. I also bought another controller, the DVD controller, a game (Oblivion because it was cheap), and a movie (Life Of Brian).

The game looks spectacular, even if it is "only" 720p. Life of Brian, while still uproariously funny, doesn't look quite as nice. I demand solid colors from my hi-def DVDs, and this had a little too much speckling. I supposed I shouldn't be surprised at that, give its age (nearly 30 years ago it was filmed!). I will enable BluRay on my Netflix account and will try some newer movies. I tried to get some James Bond movies, which I thought were all out on BluRay, but I guess only the latest one, Casino Royale is available.

But I probably shouldn't have indulged, even if I did get a windfall from the selling of a boardgame. The game catalog is sadly lacking. At the Best Buy where I picked it up, maybe a third of a row had PS3 games, while the other 2/3 was PS2 games. The XBox 360 had 1.5 rows. But there are a couple of co-op games available I might try, like Resistance: Fall of Man or the upcoming Army of Two.


Supposedly Casino Royale in BluRay is really excellent, visually.  A lot of people have been using it as the standard to see where other movies measure up.

Life of Brian is one of my favorites.  The stoning scene is one of the funniest things I have ever watched.  Romanes Eunt Domus.

Good to splurge once in a while! You only live once!

As for Sean Penn - I think he's a brillant actor. I love the roles that he undertakes.

Haven't watched knocked up but I also hear people rave about it, I suppose it's just a random comedy - shouldn't read too much into it and the motivations behind the characters.

I wish it were only once in a while. Splurges are too often lately.And I tried not to think too much about Knocked Up, and the motivations are part of what makes it funny, but it went off the deep end too often.

[this is good] I plan to get a HDTV for my birthday and can't wait to see how it looks. I know I need to buy the cable in when I do get my tv so hopefully I won't forget by then.The playstation games are picking up slowly but surely. This year is supposed to be their year for them so I since this year is just beginning I can't wait! :)

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