Things on Tuesday - March 4, 2008


And now, for my first "Things on Tuesday" list, where I list some things I loathe and some things I love. As the group page says, lets start with the loathing:

Things I loathe

  • My girls being sick. It was a long February for it and it has continued into March. Not only do they not feel good, but it sure throws a wrench into the routine.
  • Spending money on stuff I don't need. Happens too often and I need to reign in the spending.
  • Making coasters. Trying to burn a CD that just doesn't want to play on other players.
  • Losing focus. So many things compete for my attention and I need to do a better job at doing the things that are important and stop getting distracted

Things I love

  • Making my wife happy by surprising her with a new Crowded House CD (once I stopped making coasters, that is...). She's such a CH fan girl...
  • My girls getting passionate about stuff. Whether it is Pokemon, basketball, or whatever, I love to see them fired up about something. Their enthusiasm is infectious.
  • My dog resting his head on my legs when we wake up in the morning. There is something so peaceful about sliding my leg near him on the bed and having him put his head down on it and heaving a big ol' comfortable sigh.


[this is good] This time, it's my turn to thank you for the music link.  I missed that post about the Charlatans' new CD.  Yay for free music!

[this is good] I hear ya on the last two 'loathes' ;(

[this is good]

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