Things on Tuesday, Wednesday edition

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Funny how now I think about my Things on Tuesday list all week, trying to remember the loathes and loves for the week! Anyway, here's my weekly entry, with my loathing reserved this week for drivers. Like the kids in Lake Wobegon, everyone thinks they are above average.

Things I Loathe, bad driver edition
 * The driver in front of me who rides their brakes going up to a green light, then accelerates as it turns yellow, leaving me at the red light
 * The driver who turns on their left turn signal entering the rotary for no known reason, yet doesn't turn it off until they exit the rotary, when a right turn signal might actually even help
 * The driver who refuses to go around the car in front of her who is turning left, even if the left turning car is actually using their turn signal. Extra loathing for those who ease too far to the right for anyone else to get by.
 * Drivers who merge onto a highway with 80mph cars while doing 30mph
 * Going away on a business trip, even if only for a couple of days
 * Backstopping my hockey team to the championship game, only to have to miss it due to the aforementioned business trip. And they lose in overtime, 8-7

Things I Love
 * Getting a wildly enthusiastic welcome hug back from everyone after returning from the aforementioned business trip
 * Waking up just before the alarm goes off, in time for spoons
 * Having the whole mountain to ourselves, with freshly groomed trails, brilliant blue skies and a gentle breeze
 * Seeing the girls in their new Easter dresses
 * Reading a great book. Both War and Peace and Sword of Honour fill that love.

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You want to talk about bad drivers, come down to Orlando, FL for a few days.  We have a large old aged population that likes to drive 10 miles under the speed limit (they are also notorious around here for leaving a turn signal on when they aren't planing on turning), you have a large high school and college aged population that likes to drive 20 miles over the speed limit), you have a large tourist population that has no idea where they are going, because the population growth is large you have construction projects going on every 5 - 10 miles, and everybody living here is from somewhere else, so you have to put up with Chicago style drivers, New York style drivers, and Boston style drivers all in the same place driving completely differently.  It's no wonder why we are the ranked the 8th (I think it's 8th) worst city for traffic despite our relatively small size (Greater Orlando ranked 27th largest in the nation and less than half the population of Greater Boston). 

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