Things On Tuesday - 8 April


Unusual week this week in the Loathe and Love lists - I don't usually have some many things to Loathe.

Things I Loathe

  • Having to fix badly written source code. How hard could it be to use an 'else if'?
  • The often long hard battle getting the kids to bed. We're all tired enough as it is, why can't they just brush their teeth and go to bed nicely when asked?
  • Rainy days with highs near 40F (4C)
  • Getting micromanaged
  • People who give me their email address and then never check it
  • Having my favorite coffee bean (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) be out of stock for the first time in years

Things I Love

  • Calling home while driving home and talking to the girls. They continue to amaze me.
  • Beautiful spring days, perfect for Opening Day and a World Series ring ceremony
  • Turning rainy spring days into boardgaming days
  • Lotus cars, even before Bond blew up a Lotus Esprit, breaking my heart
  • Demon Days by Gorillaz


What are they using instead of 'else if'?  Multiple if statements?That Gorillaz track is pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

Preface by saying I'm not busting on your parenting skills, nor do I have kids but I will share an observation. When I was a kid I was not asked to brush my teeth and go to bed.  I was told to brush my teeth and go to bed (with implied consequences for failure to obey.)  Below a certain age, I think asking only gets you in trouble. 

Yup. A long series of independent ifs:if ( x == 1 ) ...if ( x == 2 ) ..if ( x == 3 ) ...Argh!And yeah, I've become wild about Gorillaz, esp. Demon Days. That's Dennis Hopper narrating, as you can probably tell.

Oh, trust me, we tell them, not ask. And tell them. Asking and having it done is just a dream of mine, like the banking commercial where the dad asks the three girls to get ready for bed... and it just happens.

lol, I hear ya.  

I heard of a trick someone pulled with their kids - they somehow convinced one kid to bet the other that they couldn't do X, Y, Z (e.g. pick up their room, brush their teeth, etc) for a certain period of time (3 months straight, etc).  I think they used chores as the betting medium, or something - but anyway, they managed to get the kid that didn't often do X, Y, Z to do it for 3 months straight, and once the kids were involved in the bet, they became more interested in doing that stuff afterwards, too.  Food for thought, although I don't know if there's a way you can convince one of them to be "in on it" so the others can follow suit.

Go Sox!

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