Things on Tuesday - April Fools Edition


Things I Loathe

  • Forgetting to mail back my Netflix movie for days, even weeks, after I watched it
  • A computer without a reset button
  • Pointless remakes of Hollywood classics. Please Madonna, leave Casablanca alone!

Things I Love

  • Going skiing with my girls. It is a tremendous experience for me and I think they enjoy the hell out of themselves too.
  • As a hockey goalie, making a solid pad save on a slapshot from the faceoff dot. It's remarkable what the body can do well before you could even think to do it - square up to the shooter and I just know where the shot is going. Go into the butterfly, kick the shot out, and get back up before I even realize what just happened.
  • Finding a "New and Revised" edition of a favorite cocktail book, esp. one that was originally ruined when "Ida Know" spilled glitter glue into its pages


I saw the Madonna/Casablanca headline yesterday and it made me so mad that I decided the following:

If the movie goes into production, I will take it upon myself to stop it by any means necessary.

(I hope that doesn't sound too psychotic.)

Thank you for reminding me I've had a Netflix movie sitting in my purse for a week. It's now in the outgoing mail pile.

M-----l, I will join you in that cause. She'll rue the day she messed with my favorite movie.

I just read the article that went with the Madonna headline.  How can someone be so oblivious?  I almost want her to make the movie just so she'll fail miserably.  I bet the finished product would be hilariously bad.

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