Today's Shenanigans


A couple Shenanigans from my lunch time errands, in the blessed spring sunshine:

  • To the doofus who banged a U-ey right in front of me, in order to cut into the middle of a clearly marked funeral procession.
  • To all those pedestrians who refuse to walk the extra 10 feet to get to a crosswalk, preferring instead to dart out from between two parked cars

3 Comments cut into the middle of a clearly marked funeral procession.what a jackass.  'round these parts that's a major offense.

Yeah, that's a jackass if I've ever heard of one...

Kentucky has a charming tradtion (sadly, it is slowly dying) that if you come across a funeral procession while driving, you pull over to the curb, get off your car, take off your hat and stand while the procession goes by.  this custom is believed to have started in the 1800 (with horses and horse-drawn carriages, obvy).  I find it very thoughtful and make a point of pulling over for funeral processions if there is a safe place to do so.

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