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I've been a sporadic user of Twitter for a while now but I really didn't get into it. I would go through some phases of using it, but they were fairly short bursts, and prone to long lapses of quiet.

But lately I've been using it more. I installed TwitterFox (although I don't remember when!) and happened to notice it in my status bar. And it works very nicely, giving me an interface that I can understand (the Twitter home page had me a little confused - what can I say, I'm easily confused). Although lately it has been giving me trouble, as the popup window is appearing underneath web content on some pages, which is annoying.

So I've started "tweeting" a bit more. And it has actually paid off over the past couple of days, with some great information appearing.

First up was the notice from jamiei about Google App Engine, which is a way to leverage Google technological muscle to create web apps. Very nice looking, even if I can't crack the beta team. You can download the SDK and play with it locally until they open it up a little more. Here's an excellent hands on quickie tutorial for using it.

Then I tweet-complained earlier this morning that my Amarok had stopped downloading cover images. I figured it was my fault, because I had recently gone through "version hell" trying to get a libCurl update to work. libCurl is often used by programs to get web information, and I just figured I broke Amarok solving my update problem.

But nightrose came to my rescue just a few minutes later, pointing out a blog post by Seb, an Amarok developer, explaining that an Amazon API change broke Amarok's album cover download and it will be fixed in the next upgrade. Yay for instant help!

So maybe Twitter can actually be useful, rather than just another distraction. But I will not turn on audio notification of new tweets. Nope, I just won't do that...


Coincidentally, I just signed up for twitter last night.  I've been playing around with twhirl (for Windows), but I'm going to check out twitterfox.  I'd prefer not to have another application if I can help it, and since I already have Firefox open 99% of the time, that should work well for me, I think.

[this is good] I'm enjoying my experience second time around a lot more too! :))

hey, WHM is on twitter (ryan set this up).  I think it automatically posts links to our articles...v

yeah, just noticed and followed. although I catch the postings here anyway, so it's probably redundant.

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