Vox Hunt: Gotcha!


Show us a great April Fools' Day joke.

Today's "Woot Off"....

The best practical joke I've ever been involved with was when I was working on Ultima Underworld. We put a special file on the head honcho's computer and checked for that file in the code. If we found the file, we would periodically, and for a very short time, swap the palette (this was in the days of 256 color games) to some hideous orange and purples. So every now and then, we hear yelps from his office to come quick and see what just happened! Of course, by the time we got there, the palette had swapped back and nothing could be traced.

I'm not sure if we ever let him onto the joke. The code for the check of MSDOS.SYS is probably still there!


That's awesome.And I'll have you know that I scored a BoC today in the woot-off.  So unless they send me an email tomorrow saying the deal's off, the joke's only on those other poor schmucks who kept buying those batteries to bring around another BoC sale!

You got a BoC!?!?! Very nice! And makes it an even better April Fool's joke!

Oh. You. Dawg. Dang - Lucky.Congrats

Yeah, this is my first ever, after 3 years of avidly tracking woot-offs.  I just was never able to get in there in time, but I refreshed the page just right and was able to get my info in under the wire.  The ironic thing is by the time the package comes, I'll be in India for a month, so I won't know what I got until well after anyone would stop caring :P

BoCs must be just like love - you don't get it until you don't care any more!

That's a great one!

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