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As for gaming, we really have been enjoying Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (phew, that's a mouthful!). The challenge seems to be just right. We're playing it co-op, giving each of us one extra life, which I think is fair, given the viciousness of the weapons. While there isn't a real "story", you do play connected maps with a thin veneer of plot, so it's good enough for us.

It's been especially nice now that we've figured out how to use the M.U.L.E., which is the flying remote control "eye in the sky". By hitting the up arrow, you tell it to go to where you are looking and by hitting the down arrow, it will come and hover over you. It marks any enemies it sees on your HUD, making it much easier. We were just moving it randomly up until a few sessions ago.

My Neverwinter Nights campaign has slowed down due to Tuesday evening commitments from both of us. But we're nearly through the first part of the game and have actually explored a few sections that C hasn't been to before, so it has been fun. We have a million outstanding quests though, so we're afraid to talk to anyone else for fear of getting Yet Another Quest!

I picked up Grand Theft Auto IV for my PS3 last week, using my "sorry you bought HD-DVD" $50 Best Buy gift card, so it cost only $2, after I included another gift certificate. I played it a bit and found it interesting, but certainly not the 99 rating as found on Metacritic. I tend to more agree with Bill Harris' GTA IV impressions. There's just some weird shit that goes on. But I hope to dedicate some time to it soon.


[this is good] Hey Jonathan, I found your blog from a tweet of yours. No wonder you never find out about Boston's cool tech events, I couldn't find an e-mail address for you anywhere! :-PAnyways, I thought you might be interested in BarCampBoston3, happening May 17th

Can't find my email? You must be the only one, given the bazillion spam emails I get every day!-)I'd love to try a BarCamp some day, but this weekend is booked solid already.

speaking of games, i recently am re-playing MageKnight: Apocalypse.  it's actually *pretty* decent from bandai games - at first i hated this wannabe diablo game, but you know since i figured out how to not die (how to effectively use the weapons), i've been enjoying this game.i also have a ton of mageknight figurines too :)vu

Sigh, they got to you.  Back in my day, I remember when we used the word "gaming" to mean playing board or role-playing games...

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