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Alright, now this is cool. A box to show the streaming video now available on Netflix right on my TV! I just watched a movie on the computer the other night, but I had to reboot into Windows to do it. Now, I get it in full screen beauty - nice! I'll let you know when it arrives, as I've already ordered it.
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  • Over 10,000 movies and TV episodes instantly
  • No change in monthly Netflix costs and you continue to get your DVDs by mail
  • Easily connects directly to your TV
  • Pause, rewind or play anytime - just like a DVD
  • Guaranteed to work with your TV
The Netflix Player
The Netflix Player

The Netflix Player makes it easy to instantly watch movies and TV episodes over the Internet on your living room TV, or anywhere you have a TV and an Internet connection. Compact and lightweight, inexpensive but powerful, simple to set up and use (it’s the perfect answer for people who just can’t get enough Netflix).

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You made the tech page w/ this post...Definitely a cool device, but given that most of my movie-watching nowadays is the same 5 kids' DVDs, I'm going to have to pass on something like this, for now.

Thanks for the heads up on the tech page! Wait until I actually get the box - I will document its unveiling with loving care. Some friends think I may never surface after it shows up!And having kids is one of the reasons this is so necessary. I don't even remember the last time I was out to see a movie. I have to bring them to me these days!

Ross: I posted about this too. I guess a couple other companies are coming out with them too but Netflix's double-extra-advantage is that this one is less than 1/3 the cost of the others.Will be VERY curious to find out customer satisfaction. Now that I've been forced to convert to HDTV, and find it even more annoying than analog (analog may have been fuzzy but when I got a station "tuned", at least it stayed that way), I'll be watching a lot more movies!

Hmm...  Why do I need a special piece of equipment to do this rather than a "standard" way of getting stuff from my computer to my TV?

I don't have a computer near the big screen TV and no laptop either. So a small (paperback-sized) box that gets a wireless feed, and puts out HDMI, is perfect for me.

No, you don't need one nearby.  The thing you attach to the TV is wifi, ala Apple TV.  Like I guess the problem is that streams files, so that won't work with netflix unless someone gets "creative".  I still have to believe a more generic technology is out there w/o needing to buy a specific box.

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