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Can't believe it has been almost a week since I went and I still haven't written about my trip to Paradise! Actually, it's a local rock 'n' roll joint called the Paradise and my fav new artist, Anna Ternheim was playing there. She opened for someone I had honestly never heard of, Joseph Arthur, who I guess is some kind of critical darling. A couple of quick plays on his page didn't really do much for me, but who cares? I wanted to see Anna!

Traffic was remarkably heavy for nearly 8pm and no Red Sox game to worry about, but I made it inside before 8pm and sat in the back row. Of course, there were only three rows of folding chairs set up in front of the stair, so it was no great drama :) I'd say there were about 50 chairs in each row as it wrapped halfway around the stage. Then a couple of other levels with tables and chairs.

I settled in and waited, but Anna didn't come out until nearly 8:20. And as her set wrapped up before 9pm, it was a very short and sweet show. As she did in her previous show, she opened a Capella then segued into a couple of new songs. Her rendition of Girl Laying Down was done on the piano and really came out nice, as did her "stalking" song, I'll Follow You Tonight. She looked spectacular in black jeans and a white dress shirt over a black body suit. Despite her voiced complaints about having problems with her hair out, it looked great to me!

At one point towards the end of the show, she asked the audience, which now numbered 150 at least, who had heard any of her songs before. To be honest, I was surprised when only a small handful responded. They were all here for Arthur, I guess. Then the show ended, despite my pleas for China Girl!

I hung around for a bit afterwards, as Anna said she would be signing CDs again. I heard the first few songs of Arthur's set and remained nonplussed. Sort of a Dylan wannabee, right down to the funky beret and harmonica. I did briefly talk with Anna when she came out, but she declined my offer of a drink and then went back into the dressing room. At that point, I decided to call it a night, but not before getting the Anna Ternheim poster that was up. So it was a good night, if too short. I hope she could get her own show at a smaller folk venue, like maybe Passim's or Tupelo. That would be truly worthwhile.


Chairs at the Paradise?Weren't any chairs when I saw Guns and Roses there back in 1987 :)

yeah, i think it was because both were "just" guitar players, so there wasn't much dancing going on. 

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