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I got tagged by the latest rampaging meme, 6 Things About Me (thanks Goalie Girl...), so here goes:

  1. Went to RPI on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. It's a pretty sweet deal - full room, board and books plus a small monthly stipend, just for wearing a uniform and going to a 2 hour "class" once a week. Oh, plus promising a few years afterwards too.
  3. But I never did graduate college. Dropped out midway through my sophomore year. The academics were just too tough for a kid from a tiny (graduating class of 60) school in the backwoods of New Hampshire. I never learned any study skills and believe you me, you need them at RPI. Follow up evening classes at both Harvard and Northeastern never went anywhere.
  5. I'm a huge boardgame collector. Don't have time to play them any more, but I have over 500 boardgames, mostly wargames, with a concentration of games covering the African Campaign of World War Two. In fact, I believe I have every wargame ever published on the subject.
  7. Me and horses just don't get along. In fact, I have always believed that horses are too big to be that stupid. I've been stomped on, stalked (ask me about getting trapped on top of an old car by a couple of crazy horses some day), and snapped at by horses. I have had to rescue my dog from getting crushed by a horse, had to rescue horses from their own stupidity, etc. It is my worst fear that one of my girls will catch the horse bug.
  9. Someday I'll write a book. I don't have the time or energy to do it these days, but if I could ever take a six month sabbatical, I would start my detective series. Maybe some day I'll "publish" some of my short stories here.
  11. I won a Best Actor award. In my tiny high school, one of the highlights of the year was (is?) the one act play competition. Each class put on a one act play and various awards are voted on. In my junior year, we swept the awards with some wacky comedy (always good for competitions). I played the lead role and got to do plenty of physical comedy. Other plays I acted in were the Diary of Anne Frank and The Tell Tale Heart. Braces in college put the kibosh on my acting career.
Seems like everyone has already gotten tagged by this meme. Let's see who I can find...

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[this is good] I found you via goaliegirl...I like your list! I'm in awe of #3 and got a giggle out of #4 (at your expense, sorry!).Oh, and good luck with #5. :)

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