Muxtape remembers


Very good news - you can recover your Muxtape listing (not the music) at "". That's good, because I was using it as a sort of notebook for my favorite songs of 2008. Here's what I had as of Aug. 18:

  1. Sam Phillips — Can't Come Down
  2. Union Jack — Water Drums
  3. Amy Winehouse — Rehab
  4. Savath & Savalas — Ya Verdad
  5. El Perro Del Mar — Jubilee
  6. Robyn — Konichiwa Bitches (alt version)
  7. Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers — To the Country
  8. Johnny Cash — The Man Who Couldn't Cry
  9. Gorillaz — O Green World
  10. Goldfrapp — A&E
  11. Faces — Ooh La La
  12. Anna Ternheim — China Girl

There's been some new songs that should go on this list. Paper Planes by M.I.A., Ampersand by Amanda Palmer, and last but not least, Take Your Mama by Scissor Sisters (probably my #1). Now where do I keep track of these?  


If you actually have the songs, you could upload them to Vox and put them in a post in the order of your muxtape, and then edit the post later to re-arrange as needed?

Certainly Vox would be a choice, albeit a bit more work. 

it's too bad muxtape was shut down 

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