Postcard Project


My daughter A8.2's 3rd grade class has a social studies project - collect postcards from around the US and the world. If you would like to help out, please send a postcard to her class!

Adrienne A.
c/o Mrs. McKay's class
Roberts School
35 Court St.
Medford MA 02155

No really, this is a real project, not the 'sick kid needs a postcard' Internet meme :)


What's the deadline for these?  I probably can't out to get a postcard before the weekend, but I could have one winging its way to you next week...

Thanks! I think any time in the next month or so would be fine. They are going to put them up on the board and use strings to locate where they are from.


Postcard will be in the mail tomorrow!  I think she'll like it :-)

Thanks for the postcards everyone! I'll let you know when I hear from her about them.

ross, greywolf - A got your postcards - thanks!

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