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As far as movies goes, there's been a couple on the menu:

I finally watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and, despite dire warnings against it, I simply loved it. Now maybe it is because I am such an Indiana Jones fan boy, but Skull just resonated with me right from the beginning. It just *felt* like an Indiana Jones movie to me.

The basic synopsis, as if that matters, is that Indiana Jones, after getting fired from his job due to "Red" worries, gets conscripted into looking for the crystal skull because it was an old colleague's obsession (sound like any of the other movies, eh?). Of course, this being the 50s, the Russians are after it too and the chase is on.

Nothing Earth shattering about the plot but the execution was exquisite. Every few minutes was a reminder of the past, from the subtle (a huge, endless wharehouse anyone?) to the obvious (pictures and remincsing about Marcus and Dad). Plenty of Indiana Jones action, with perhaps the biggest flaw being that there was just too much. Some of the action scenes could have been cut by a bit without a loss. But that is a minor quibble.

I really wish I had seen this in the theaters when it first came out, as some of the surprises were no longer surprises. The sound and picture on the Comcast HD Movie channel were just swell, but I really want the BluRay version of it. That's how much I liked it.

The next evening, my wife and I actually went to a movie theater to watch a movie. Burn After Reading is a the latest Coen brothers movie and features such stalwarts as George Clooney, Brad Pit, and of course Frances McDormand. In it, Pitt and McDormand play a couple of fitness center losers who try to capitalize on a lost CD of information and get it all wrong.

The movie depended far too much on coincidences that just seemed far too unlikely. A very slight Coen Brothers effort, it did feature the typically stellar work from Brad Pitt, who really gave his character some depth, which is probably more than he deserved! There were a few twists and turns but nothing too hard too follow and, in the end, everyone got what they deserved, I guess.

The funny part about going to watch the movie is that I'm pretty sure a better experience would have occured in my home theater. It was a discount movie theater that had split its once grandiose theater into 7 or 8 tiny theater boxes. Only about 8 seats in each row, a screen only slightly larger than my relatively small 50" HDTV, a scratchy print and sorrowful sound all lent itself to wondering just why we would bother paying US$8 to see it. It worked, but only just barely!


We saw Crystal Skull in the theatre and really enjoyed.  I'm actually looking forward to Burn After Reading but I'm sure we'll wait until it comes on DVD.Tonight we'll finally be watching Wanted.  Looks like a good one.

it seems you either really liked Skull or really hated it. I am certainly in the former camp!Burn would make a fine DVD rental.We were supposed to go out tonight to see Australia, but probably not going to make it. If we did, I was going to be sure to go to a "real" theater, maybe one of the new stadium style ones.

i never listen to reviews - i find that critics are mostly a bitter lot - i enjoyed Indy 4 immenselywe just saw Burn After Reading - not the Coen brothers' best, i thought, but it certainly was different - i have problems with movies, where i can't find a single character to like - even a little - but i always enjoy watching Frances McDormand in whatever she's doing

I enjoyed Crystal Skull also - I was beginning to think maybe there was something wrong with me.  Sure there was a lot of preposterous stuff, but, but.. it's Indiana Jones, it has to be preposterous.  Thought it was just fine.I still haven't seen Temple of Doom tho.

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