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Here, take my wallet


Oh oh, now I'm in real trouble - I got the Amazon MP3 downloader to work with my openSUSE 11.0 installation. Now it will be easier than ever to "One Click" some music. Before I used to have either switch to my Windows machine, or remembered to use it when I rebooted into Windows to play some games. But now it just works on my regular platform.

See, before the downloader was only for openSUSE 10.3, which depended on a bunch of older libraries. So I would periodically check the Amazon MP3 downloader page to see if it had been update. And today, there it was - OpenSUSE 11.0! Oh joy. Which was shortlived, as it still ran into a missing library :( So I'm not sure why they call it 11.0 ready.

But then I found this page on the openSUSE wiki and I was off and running. Basically it involves getting the right (older) versions of the library, copying them (not installing them) to a system place and then we're all set!

So now I can one click a purchase like I did yesterday for The Weepies. Someone on Twitter mentioned that it was on sale at Amazon MP3 for a mere $1.99 and that it was their favorite from 2008. A quick preview listen led me to One Click it and boom, it was here. The Weepies are a bit twee, I guess, but still not too bad:

So for my first One Click from my openSUSE box, I downloaded the free Alive Records 2009 Sampler, so at least it didn't cost anything. Going to listen to it now, but while I'm writing an entry, I'll add the first track from it here.

Gelatinous Mush


The best Super bowl ad:  

Best of 2009 updated

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I added a few more songs to my running tally of the best songs I hear in 2009. First up is a couple of songs from Kasey Chambers' latest CD, Rattlin' Bones. She actually shares billing with her husband, Shane Nicholson. I was exposed to her wonderful brand of country/rock/folk over on blip.fm and simply fell in love with her voice. Turns out, she's actually Australian and it is pretty funny to compare her singing with her talking, as you can hear on The House That Never Was track. It was hard to limit it to only 2 tracks, as several more are dynamite, including Wildflower and Sleeping Cold.

Also added is a song from one of 2008's biggest indie hits, TV On The Radio's Dear Science,. I like the CD, but am not crazy about it. But I love the driving rhythm of Halfway Home.

Another "new" song is actually a very old song from one of my all time favorite Boston-area groups. Private Lightning got the shaft during their one and only national release, but Steve Keith, a member of Private Lightning, just recently released a treasure trove of WAV and MP3 Private Lightning songs here. When You're Laughing is a great example of their unique sound.

New SONY box


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