Friday Random Ten

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  1. Boys Don't Cry - The Cure (Boys Don't Cry)
  2. Fromage Frais - Union Jack (There Will Be No Armageddon)
  3. Silent Ways - Michelle Shocked (Captain Swing)
  4. Blindness - Metric (Fantasies)
  5. Ariadne - Dead Can Dance (Into The Labyrinth)
  6. I'm Goin' Down - Bruce Springsteen (Born In The U.S.A.)
  7. Love Lives Here - Faces (The Definitive Rock Collection, Disc 1)
  8. I See Red - Clannad (Magical Ring)
  9. Kangaroo - This Mortal Coil (It'll End In Tears)

Wow, a real 4AD fest today! DCD, Clannad, This Mortal Coil and the new Metric CD all are on 4AD, some going back quite some time. We'll throw in a very cool Electronica (Fromage Frais), although it is the song Water Drums that I can never get enough of. Some early Cure, and a song from the brand new Metric CD. Captain Swing from Michelle Shocked is an excellent follow up to her Short Sharp Shocked CD. Need to buy some of her newer stuff. A little bit of The Boss to celebrate his new tour, as well as some classic Faces rock 'n' roll. Nice selection!


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