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NoiseTrade - Katie Herzig

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Came across a wonderful song the other day on the excellent Song of the Day blog on NPR. It was Katie Herzig's Wish You Well - it has a wonderful wistfulness about it that I just love. Here's a sampler of her songs, and it is pay what you want. Like I said, check out Wish You Well - you will enjoy even the small snippet.

NoiseTrade - Katie Herzig

Friday Random 10

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Friday Random 10

Interesting mix - some old, some middlin' and some new. We go way back to some group call The Beatles, from their pretty good debut album. Then we jump clear to the 80s and the woefully short-lived local group Private Lightning, some great piano from Winter Hill legend George Winston, and one of the many Bauhaus splinter groups Love & Rockets. Les Sampou is a wonderful local folk/rock singer, and Sweet Perfume is her debut from many years ago.  And then the Cranes, who I actually saw in concert (depended too much on pre-recorded music though). And the OMD hit from the 80s, sung live.  Then some wonderful new discoveries in the awe inspiring RyG doing an incredible Metallica cover, one of my favorite CDs from this year in the idiosyncratic Joker's Daughter, and another local group, Sarah Borges, and their first CD (the new one is great too).

Tiny Pianist

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Latest joke to come over the email transom:

A man is drinking in a bar telling his sad story of misfortune to the bartender.

The bartender says "You know, there's this leprechaun outside in the alley granting wishes if you buy him a drink."

The man says, "Oh really?" and orders a double shot of Jack and walks through the side door to the alley.

The man sees the leprechaun, hands him the shot, leans in and whispers in his ear.

The leprechaun slurs a few Irish sounding phrases and passes out in a pile of trash bags.

The man looks around, shrugs, and goes back into the bar.

About 10 minutes later, a gigantic herd of deer run through the bar, destroying just about everything.

The bartender gets up looking surprised and begins patting his pockets. He pulls this tiny man out of his pocket and sets him on the bar next to a very small piano. The tiny man sits down and begins to play.

The bartender then glares at the man and says "Jesus! What did you wish for?"

The man says "A pretty reasonable wish actually - I wished for a million bucks."

The bartender says "Shit, I forgot to tell you he was drunk and you had to make sure he understood what you meant."

The man says "Really? How would you know?"

The bartender says "Think about it. Why would I want a 12 inch pianist?"

Whatta Bind

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Latest joke to come over the email transom:

Book Review: The One From The Other


The One from the Other The One From The Other by Philip Kerr

My rating: ★★★★✩

While on vacation, I read The One From The Other by Philip Kerr. Following the action of the brilliant Berlin Noir (Kerr's first books - March Violets, The Pale Criminal and A German Requiem), it continues the adventures of Bernie Gunther, a down in his luck investigator in pre-World War II Germany. He rubs shoulders with many of the evil men who were soon to make their dark mark on the world. The One From The Other picks up Bernie's life after World War II, where he is running a bed and breakfast just outside of Dachau, of all places.

One thing leads to another and he is quickly embroiled in the trials of the Red Jackets, war criminals held in prison. Soon he is beaten up and sucked into a bigger web of lies.

Once again, Kerr hits gold. Some of the ugly details of concentration camps and the pure evil of the SS can get a little hard to read. And I think the final web remains too big and random to have actually been planned, a common failure of many mysteries. I was never convinced there weren't much easier ways for the criminals to do what they wanted to do. But not enough to keep me from turning the next page as I blazed through it.

If you haven't read the Berlin Noir trilogy, I highly recommend it. And then follow it up with The One From The Other and, next on my reading list, book 5 starring Gunther, Hitler's Peace (wrong book - it's) A Quiet Flame

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