Tiny Pianist

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Latest joke to come over the email transom:

A man is drinking in a bar telling his sad story of misfortune to the bartender.

The bartender says "You know, there's this leprechaun outside in the alley granting wishes if you buy him a drink."

The man says, "Oh really?" and orders a double shot of Jack and walks through the side door to the alley.

The man sees the leprechaun, hands him the shot, leans in and whispers in his ear.

The leprechaun slurs a few Irish sounding phrases and passes out in a pile of trash bags.

The man looks around, shrugs, and goes back into the bar.

About 10 minutes later, a gigantic herd of deer run through the bar, destroying just about everything.

The bartender gets up looking surprised and begins patting his pockets. He pulls this tiny man out of his pocket and sets him on the bar next to a very small piano. The tiny man sits down and begins to play.

The bartender then glares at the man and says "Jesus! What did you wish for?"

The man says "A pretty reasonable wish actually - I wished for a million bucks."

The bartender says "Shit, I forgot to tell you he was drunk and you had to make sure he understood what you meant."

The man says "Really? How would you know?"

The bartender says "Think about it. Why would I want a 12 inch pianist?"

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[this is good] LMAO!

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