Friday (or nearly so) Random 10

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  1. Some People - Goldfrapp (Seventh Tree 2008)

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (Abbey Road 1969)
Jesse The Goat - Joker's Daughter (The Last Laugh 2009)

Yipin' - Cigar Store Indians (Jump Up & Boogie: The New Swing Collection 1998)
Sweet Perfume - Les Sampou (Sweet Perfume 1999)
Sweet Perfume
Les Sampou
My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen (Born in the USA 1984)
Moon & Stars - Jeff & Mycha Danna (A Celtic Romance: The Legend of Lladain and Curithur 1998)
Generator ^ Second Floor - Freelance Whales (Weathervanes 2009) Last Great American Whale - Lou Reed (New York 1989) I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) - The The (Soul Mining 1983)

Another nice mix, going clear from the 60s to an as yet unreleased CD. We start off with a great followup CD from Goldfrapp, as I loved their Supernature CD. The Beatles is an old CD, not from the new pressings. The Mono box set is high on my wishlist. Joker's Daughter is a combo effort of a Greek folksinger and producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse. Some really unique sounds. Then we follow up with one of my favorite musical genres, swing; this collection is an excellent one. Les Sampou is a local folk / pop singer who does some really nice stuff. Of course, Bruce. Mycha Danna did the brilliant soundtrack for The Sweet Hereater, a DVD I bought before I even had a DVD player, I liked it so much. Some really nice Celtic music here too. The Freelance Whales are a group I first heard here on Stereogum and I loved their stuff. Their debut CD is supposedly coming out at CD Baby soon - can't wait! And yes, the randomizer put a whale song right after it, honestly! This is from Lou Reed's classic set of cynical songs. And finally, a good one from one of my top CDs of the 80s.

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