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Sweet "netlabel" music from Pandoras.Box, via Clinical Archives. I found Arrows & Bows on this most excellent collection of "Creative Commons Music" - Rebel Music Volume One. Well, he says it is Arrows & Bows, but Jamendo, which has this player, says it is the song after that called "Next To Mine". Not sure who to believe, although it is singing about "I am the arrow and you are just the bow", so I'll believe Fernando! I'm downloading the songs now, but it is going very slowly.


Friday Random 10 for Nov. 11, 2009

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  1. I'm Not In Love - 10cc (The Very Best of 10cc 1997)
  2. Sex Changes - The Dresden Dolls (Yes, Virginia 2006)
    Sex Changes
    The Dresden Dolls
  3. Sunday - Bess Rogers (Decisions Based On Information 2007)
    Bess Rogers
  4. Stop And Think It Over - Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles (Diamonds in the Dark 2007)
  5. Joanni - Kate Bush (Ariel - A Sea Of Honey 2005)
    Kate Bush
  6. A&E - Goldfrapp (Seventh Tree 2008)
  7. Kings And Queens - Loudon Wainwright III (A Live One 1979)
    Kings And Queens
    Loudon Wainwright III
  8. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson (Rumor And Sigh 1991)
  9. Sweet Bird Of Truth - The The (Infected 1986)
  10. Every Passing Day - Goanna (Oceania 1985)

A mostly modern set this time around, with a few new wave classics thrown in for good measure. The 10cc song is a favorite from my high school years. The album (yes, children, I originally bought it on vinyl) it comes from (The Original Soundtrack) was a real favorite of mine at the time, although I can't say as I'm too thrilled with the other songs from the disc on this greatest hits CD. Oh well, tastes change. The Dresden Dolls are (were???) one of my favorite groups, local or otherwise, and Amanda Palmer is one of the cleverest musicians around. And Yes, Virginia is their strongest effort. Bess Rogers is a another wonderfully clever artist originally unveiled to me by W♥M, and this is a nicely syncopated song. I went Sarah Borges crazy when their second CD, The Stars Are Out, came out and I picked up Diamonds too. A local group who I have yet to see, sadly. I'm sure she puts on a whale of a show. I've been a huge Kate Bush fan since the early 80s, when I worked with a real Kate fanatic who went so far as to celebrate "Kate-mas", her birthday (July 30th). It was so great to have some new Kate stuff, after a very long wait (12 years!). Ariel is a fantastic double CD. Hmm, looks like it is also a female artist random 10, as we follow it up with my favorite cut from Goldfrapp's 2008 release. Ah, but then back to the wryly ironic in Loudon Wainwright. I've see him in concert a few times and he never disappoints (and never plays Dead Skunk). I was disappointed to find that Black Lightning wasn't on the 3 CD Richard Thompson retrospective, Watching The Dark. It's still a great collection, but Black Lightning should have been on it. It's a great story from a great storyteller. Speaking of storytellers, we move onto The The's Matt Johnson, who can certainly tell an intense story, as he does here. And finally, another song from my Oceania CD, bought in Australia. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, even.

Also picked up a couple of new CDs this week. First up is a local group called Passion Pit. I heard a good song on WZBC coming home from hockey and figured out it was either Passion Pit or Magic Magic. Then I saw Passion Pit's latest CD for only US$6 at Newbury Comics, so I thought it was worth a gamble. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right one. It turned out the great song I heard was from Magic Magic,and was their Over Your Heart song, which is really good.  Passion Pit is okay, with this song being the highlight of the CD:

Moth's Wings
Passion Pit

But even better is the Tyondai Braxton CD, Central Market. I've already introduced you to Opening bell here, but another excellent song is the centerpiece, an over 10 minute opus of modern orchestral pop:
Platinum Rows
Tyondai Braxton

Things on (nearly) Tuesday


Things I Loathe

  • Seeing my girls sick. They are pretty tough kids - not complainers at all. So when they are sick, they are sick. And there's just not much to do about it, which is the worst feeling as a parent.
  • Darkness at 5pm (and it'll get worse before it gets better)

Things I Love

  • The look of Borderlands. Played about an hour last night and it seemed quite fun.
  • Backstopping a shutout. Hey, it's only pickup hockey, but it is my first shutout, and against a team with our best player on it. Pretty cool.
  • Discovering unique new music. Check out this song from Tyondai Braxton's Central Market:
    Opening Bell
    Tyondai Braxton
  • Settling in on the couch with R10.4 for an afternoon of football. We're addicted to NFL RedZone HD - "football porn" as one of my friends called it. Just all the good parts, with none of the commercials - heaven!
  • Alexandra's Melody du Jour on WZBC Friday mornings, 7-9am.

Nearly a Friday Random 10

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  1. Svatba - The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares 1990)
    The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Choir
  2. Roam - The B-52s (Time Capsule 1998)
  3. Railroad - Kasey Chambers (Carnival 2006)
    Kasey Chambers
  4. Boot Hill - Stevie Ray Vaughn (The Sky Is Crying 1991)
    01. Boot Hill
    Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
  5. Apple+Option+Fire - Hot Lava (2009 Bar/None Records Sampler 2009)
  6. You Can't Steal A Gift - El Perro Del Mar (From the Valley to the Stars 2008)
    You Can't Steal a Gift
    El Perro Del Mar
  7. You Like Me Too Much - The Beatles (Help! 1965)
  8. Sweet Water Pools - Screaming Blue Messiahs (Bikini Red 1987)
  9. Brand New Cadillac - The Clash (London Calling 1979)
  10. Masters of War - Bob Dylan (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1963)

We're covering a lot of ground here, so we'll need to get started! First up are some mesmerizing female voices, in a CD that could be said to have ushered in the era of "international" sounds. Time Capsule is a solid greatest hits collection. The Australian country/rock/folk singer, Kasey Chambers, had one of my favorite CDs of 2008, collaborating with her husband, Shane Nicholson on Rattlin' Bones, so I picked up her previous CD, a more rockin' one. One nice thing about random play - you're reminded of CDs you haven't really listened to, and Carnival is one of them. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't really introduced to Stevie Ray Vaughn until it was too late, but The Sky Is Crying, a posthumous collection of tracks, is simply breathtaking. I'm a big fan of the Amazon MP3 (free!) sampler "albums", and the 2009 Bar/None Records one is a favorite. Unfortunately, it does't look like it is still available. Thanks to W♥M, I fell in love with El Perro Del Mar's super low key music and this is a very nice track. Help! is one of my favorite Beatles album and while you may not recognize the song title, I'm pretty sure you'll recognize the song. The short-lived and much lamented Screaming Blue Messiahs have shown up here before and this is another great song from a great CD. And speaking of great CDs, London Calling is certainly one of my "Desert Island" CDs - just an amazing collection of sounds, music, styles and beats. And finally, we'll go back even more, back to one of Bob Dylan's first CDs. Rougher and folkier, with some serious anger issues, and loaded with classics.

I have picked up a few new CDs, and they have each been wonderful in their own ways. The Black Heart Procession's Six is a wonderfully atmospheric effort, full of dark goth rock, witches, blood, rats and drugs. I really enjoyed their earlier song Not Just Words from The Spell and so when I saw this new effort on sale at Newbury Comics, in the fancy hardcover version, I just had to pick it up. It wasn't a mistake!

Even better is the amazing In And Out Of Control by The Raveonettes, a duo from Copenhagen. I just love this CD and the girls do too. Lots of poppy, jangly songs, whose very dark lyrics contrast sharply with the upbeat peppy rhythms, a dichotomy I just adore! With song titles like Gone Forever, Last Dance, Boys Who Raped (Should All Be Destroyed), and Suicide, you'd expect the dirges, a la Black Heart Procession, but instead you get noise-pop, driven by Sharin Foo's marvelously girlish voice. Last Dance dragged me in, but really every song here is solid.

Last Dance
The Raveonettes

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