Things on (nearly) Tuesday


Things I Loathe

  • Seeing my girls sick. They are pretty tough kids - not complainers at all. So when they are sick, they are sick. And there's just not much to do about it, which is the worst feeling as a parent.
  • Darkness at 5pm (and it'll get worse before it gets better)

Things I Love

  • The look of Borderlands. Played about an hour last night and it seemed quite fun.
  • Backstopping a shutout. Hey, it's only pickup hockey, but it is my first shutout, and against a team with our best player on it. Pretty cool.
  • Discovering unique new music. Check out this song from Tyondai Braxton's Central Market:
    Opening Bell
    Tyondai Braxton
  • Settling in on the couch with R10.4 for an afternoon of football. We're addicted to NFL RedZone HD - "football porn" as one of my friends called it. Just all the good parts, with none of the commercials - heaven!
  • Alexandra's Melody du Jour on WZBC Friday mornings, 7-9am.


Sorry the girls are sick. I hope they're better soon. Thanks for sharing "Opening Bell" - fun track.

They were good enough to go to school, which is good enough for me!-) And they too love Opening Bell. The whole cd is remarkably clever.

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