Friday [5] - Mar. 26

A new meme making the rounds is Friday [5], I think started here. I first heard about if from Ross in his post here. In a Friday [5], you talk about 5 things in the land of books and media that you've been digging the past week. Being the meme-lover that I am, I'll jump on board with my first Friday [5]. As with all memes, feel free to grab the logo and run!

  1. Been lovin' the latest CD from Hot Chip, "One Life Stand", esp. "Hand Me Down Your Love"  
  2. A good book for me to read these days is "The Tough Guide To Fantasyland" by Diana Wynne Jones. It's an encyclopedia written like a travel guide to generic fantasy literature, and is ripping satiric fun. As I'm not a huge fantasy buff, it's been a hoot to read it, but it might cut too deep if you are a serious fan. You'll be noticing all the tropes skewered by Wynne Jones forever!
  3. Speaking of reading, Hilary Mantel's Booker Prizing winning Wolf Hall finally came on request from the library. Took at least six months. It's taken a little bit to get into the book's rhythm, but now I am enjoying it quite a bit. I need to set aside a couple of hours to really settle in, though. And the suffocating presence of The Church is getting to be wearisome to this rationalist.
  4. Some day, some way, I will get to SXSW, but until then I'll have to do it vicariously.  One of the best ways I found for this one was from the fanatastic All Songs Considered podcast, theirThe Austin 100: A SXSW Mix For 2010. It was 100 of their favorite bands who played SXSW. It played continously and so I'd drop in for a few songs. Damn, I liked just about everything I heard on it! Unfortunately, it seems to have been pulled, so just check out all their SXSW live shows. Also be sure to check out their free SWSW 2010 Sampler on iTunes. I don't get iTunes, but if you do and want to send me a copy, that'd be great!
  5. Speaking of Big Shows, another one coming up is Coachella. Wow, that lineup looks incredible, although I think my days of camping out in a field to listen to 3 days of music are probably long past. Anyway, there is a free Coachella Sampler available at plenty of local, independent record stores. I picked mine up with a coupon from Newbury Comics (you can get the coupon here). It's got a great selection of music and includes a 30 page booklet with interviews and stories on each of the 20 bands, which include Charlotte Gainsbourg, La Roux, The Temper Trap and Passion Pit. Track it down!


[this is good] Hot Chip is good stuff!

[this is good] I'm planning to d/l that SXSW sampler from iTunes. I'll get a copy to you.

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