Friday [5] - podcasting

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  • Just for giggles, and because I don't have enough things I should be doing, I have started a podcast called Vehement Flame and can be found here :

  • I enjoyed playing with Audacity while working on my podcast. I ran into an odd problem where trying to record using my USB headset would hang Audacity, but the workaround was to plug in the headphones after I booted the machine. *shrug* I also wish there was an easy way to select all the tracks and tell Audacity to just append them one after another. But it is pretty cool nonetheless.

  • My leading contender so far for CD of the year is the Broken Bells eponymous debut release. Damn solid from front to back.
    The High Road
    Broken Bells

  • Finally got around to waching Slumdog Millionaire. Good flick. Not an 8 Oscar flick though. And I kept thinking of the Cheers where Cliff Clavin went on Jeopardy and got all the categories he knew about, as Slumdog as a similar story arc, albeit without the mob kingpin. Next up is this year's Best Picture, The Hurt Locker.
    Cliff Clavin on Jeopardy
  • Still working on Wolf Hall. Christopher Hitchens has an excellent (and very positive) review of it in The Atlantic.

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