The Friday [5] for Nov. 5

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friday-5a.jpgRestarting ross's The Friday [5], wherein I comment on [5] things in the world of media that have attracted my attention over the past week or so.

  1. Barnes & Noble has a new feature where you can subscribe to a magazine or newspaper on your nook and get a 14 day free trial, so I took the plunge and subscribed (well, re-subscribed) to the Boston Globe. We have been getting it delivered for years and years, but at almost $600 per year (discounted even), it just was too much. So we cut back to just the Sunday paper, but I was going into withdrawals, not having my newspaper. And it just wasn't the same reading it online. But I have really been enjoying it on my Nook. It can be a little slow navigating, but it is still the Globe and I love it. It is US$10 per month, which is much more reasonable.
  2. Really enjoyed Up. I added it to my Movie Watching Log, but I need to add a real review.
  3. My favorite music discovery of the week is School of Seven Bells. You can get a nice sampling of their mystical, ethereal, yet substantive music on my music blog, Vehement Flame.
  4. Speaking of Vehement Flame, check out my music-biz Daily, which uses the cool webapp, to generate a "daily" based up a list of tweeps I listen to via my @vehementflame1 account.
  5. My favorite radio station is WZBC, which is the Boston College radio station. It has some really great indie and alternative rock, as well as its block of No Commercial Potential sounds in the evening. You can download the shows from the past 2 weeks in hourly blocks here and I enthusiatically recommend Alexandra's Friday morning show, Melody du Jour.
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