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Here's a view of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago the other day:

I am totally confused. What exactly would make you abandon your car in the middle of a busy road? I can see if you were in traffic that wasn't going anywhere, but someone had to be the first to put it in park and just walk away. Bizarre!

Here in Medford, we have a remarkable amount of snow on the ground. I don't think we've actually set any records, but I'm pretty sure it has been a long time since I have seen this much snow actually on the ground. Certainly not since we moved here over 10 years ago, and I probably since at least '95/'96, but maybe even going back to '78.

We live in a cul de sac, so the plowed snow mounds are getting immense. The neighbor threatens to get a flag, hire some Sherpas, and climb to the top of what we affectionately call "Mt. Rita" to claim it:

snow4.JPGAnd the picnic table out back is merely a bump in the yard at this point:

backyard.jpgUnfortunately, it looks like this next storm is going to be one of those ugly rain/snow mixes, like the one the other day that came through from Chicago. I'd much rather have snow than the "mix". We had some graupel come down the other day, which is some strange stuff. It's like it is raining sidewalk salt!

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